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Locksmith Rotterdam

Locksmith Rotterdam

Do you need a locksmith in Rotterdam?

If you’re looking for a locksmith in Rotterdam MyGo can help you find a professional locksmith that best suits your needs easily, quickly and for free.

You just let us know what you are looking for. The MyGo Matchmaker is available 24/7, so even in an emergency MyGo is ready to help you. Via the Matchmaker you can get a list of all the professional locksmiths from MyGo in Rotterdam. Or would you like to request one or multiple quotes so you can compare prices first before you. Or would you like to talk to MyGo on the phone? Then just call 085 106 1600 to use our services.

On this page you can find all the information on locksmith services and costs in and around Rotterdam.

Services locksmith Rotterdam

Our experienced and professional, licensed locksmiths at MyGo in Rotterdam can provide the following services:

  • Replace locks after burglary. Our locksmith can replace and repair all the locks in your home. For example, if there has been a burglary in your home our licensed locksmiths can quickly replace your locks so your house is safe again.
  • Unlock house. If you’re locked out of your house or lost your keys to your home a locksmith from MyGo in Rotterdam. Even in emergency situations at night our locksmiths can open your doors for you.
  • Unlock car door. If you’ve locked yourself out of your own car then our locksmiths in the Rotterdam area can fast and safely unlock your car door.
  • Replace all locks. If your key broke or your locks don’t work anymore then our locksmiths in Rotterdam can replace or repair any lock in or around your home.
  • Anti-burglary advice. Locksmiths can also provide you with valuable advice on how to make your house extra secure. They can point out all the weak spots in your house where it would be easy for someone to break in. They can make these weak spots in your home secure by installing extra security measures.
  • Other locksmith services? Do you need a locksmith for any other services? Our Rotterdam locksmiths are ready to help you with whatever locksmith service you require.

Image 1: Locksmiths in Rotterdam can replace your locks quickly  

Costs locksmith Rotterdam

The average locksmith rate in Rotterdam is between 75 and 90 euros per job, depending on what type of job you need. Outside of you regular working hours locksmiths in Rotterdam usually charge an extra fee on top the prices you can see in the table below. The table below shows the average costs of locksmiths in Rotterdam. If you would like to pay with direct mobile pay, just let us know and we will match you with the right locksmith.

Locksmith services

Minimum costs

Average costs

Maximum costs

Replace locks after burglary




Unlock house




Unlock car door




Replace all locks




Anti-burglary advice




Find the best locksmith in Rotterdam with MyGo

Because MyGo has such a large group of licensed and experienced locksmiths we are always able to match you accordingly.

Just use the MyGo Matchmaker to get a nice overview of all the locksmith from MyGo in the Rotterdam area. The Matchmaker is free to use and without any obligations. So you can choose your locksmith in Rotterdam in your own time.

Locksmiths working in Rotterdam and surroundings

MyGo offers a wide range of qualified and experienced locksmiths. Therefore we can always match you, and always guarantee that quality work will be done. You can find our locksmiths from Puttershoek to Pijnacker and from Rozenburg to Zuidbroek.