Betrouwbare Dakdekkers in Horst

We hebben een zorgvuldige selectie gemaakt van betrouwbare dakdekkers die werkzaam zijn in Horst die je kunt inschakelen voor hulp. Alle genoemde dakdekkers zijn gecontroleerd op bedrijfsgegevens, keurmerken en waar van toepassing reviews van consumenten. Meer informatie hierover lees je in onze belofte.

Do you need a roofer in Horst?

MyGo will match you fast and easy with a certified roofer in Horst. The Matchmaker is available 24/7 to give you a clear list of the best roofers in Horst. Do you have an emergency? No problem, we also offer services outside of regular working hours and on the weekends.

Need a roofer in Horst?
Use the MyGo Matchmaker, or call 085 106 1600.

You decide how you want MyGo to help you. We can help you via the phone or online via the MyGo Matchmaker. In this way we can easily match you with a professional roofer in Horst.

Roofer is laying roof tiles

The Matchmaker is freely available, 24/7 with no obligations whatsoever. Do you have any other questions and prefer talking over the phone? MyGo can be reached within office hours at 085 106 1600.

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Roofer services

Replacing the roof Repairing the gutter
Renovating the roof Replacing the gutter
Cleaning the roof tiles Cleaning the gutter
Coating the roof tiles Placing a gutter
Impregnating the roof tiles Replacing the downspout
Leakage in the roof Laying EPDM roof covering
Leakage in the dormer Placing a skylight
Leakage in a flat roof Repairing storm damage in the roof

Roofer is placing roofing felt

Cost of roofer services

Roofer services Price indication
Repairing the gutter €100-200
Replacing the gutter €650-1.000
Cleaning the gutter €10-15 per m2
Replacing the roofing on a slanted roof €75-130 per m2
Replacing the roofing on a flat roof €75-100 per m2
Applying roof insulation €40-60 per m2
Renewing the roof boarding €90-150 per m2
Need a roofer in Horst?
Use the MyGo Matchmaker, or call 085 106 1600

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