Insulation glass

Insulation glass

What are the costs of insulation glass?

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The placement of double glazed windows costs on average 100-160 euros The costs consist of the majority out of the costs for the materials and the installation of the glass itself. Double glazed glass, also called insulation glass or insulated glazing is becoming increasingly profitable as it reduces your energy costs, which leads to insulation glass becoming the new standard. Are you interested in the costs of insulation glass? In this article, you will find the information you need. 

  1. Types of insulated glass
  2. Prices glazier
  3. What does the process look like?
  4. Are my current window-frames suited for insulation glass?
  5. Placement of insulation glass: Two examples
  6. What are the benefits of insulation glass?
  7. Tips to save money
  8. Find the ideal professional

Types of insulated glass

Currently, there are different types of insulation glass on the market. But what kind of insulation glass suits your situation? 

The standard insulation glass with a layer of pure air between the layers of glass is barely sold these days. Nowadays, so-called HR glass (glass which has a high yield) is a common type of insulated glass. This type of insulated glass insulates by implementing liquid in the space between the two layers of glass. 

The most frequently applied type of insulated glass by professionals is HR++. However, you can opt for other types of insulated glass. the difference between the types focuses on the insulating ability of the glass and the amount of heat that the glass transmits. This amount is indicated by a U-value. A low U-value indicates that the glass is better able to contain the generated heat, which will eventually reduce your utility costs. 

Below you can find a table with the average costs of insulated glass based on an average household with average energy usage. The savings on the right are based on an initial situation with single glazed windows.

Type U-value Avg. price per m2 Yearly utility savings based on 20m2 glass
Standard insulation glass 2,8 €60 €260
HR glass 2 €65 €300
HR+ glass 1,6 €70 €360
HR++ glass 1,1 €75 €400
HR+++ glass 0,5 €110 €430

Prices glazier

The placement of insulation glass requires skill, therefore a skilled professional needs to be hired. So besides the costs of the materials, you also have the costs of the glazier to account for. The prices of a glazier vary from 40 to 50 euros per m2. This includes the VAT, the removal-fee and the energy surcharge. 

What does the process look like?

  • Step 1: Removing glazing beads
  • Step 2: Removing silicone around the current window-frame
  • Step 3: Removing all the silicone leftovers
  • Step 4: Applying an insulation strip around the glass plate
  • Step 5: Applying CE Celband to the glazing beads
  • Step 6: Placing the insulation glass in the window frame
  • Step 7: Attaching the glazing bead to the window
  • Step 8: Applying silicone 
  • Step 9: Polish off the window with acryl, Thiokol or silicones 
  • Step 10: Removing left-overs with a putty-knife

Are my current window-frames suited for insulation glass?

It is important to examine whether your current window-frames are suited for the glass that you consider purchasing. In some cases, the new glass plates turn out to be too thick to fit the current window frame. The glazier is able to solve this problem by making a few adjustments depending on the material.

Wooden window frames

The majority of wooden frames will not cause a lot of trouble. A wooden frame is in most cases thick enough to store insulated glass. An option to solve potential problems is to mile the window seal or utilize thinner glass beads. 

Winding wooden window frames

Adjustments to wooden frames that have the ability to turn are more complicated. The level of difficulty depends on the state and thickness of the window frame.

Insulated glass outweighs single glazed windows. Due to this, extra pressure is applied to the hinges. Therefore, it is important that the hinges can handle the new windows. 

Synthetic window frames

Synthetic windows frames fit like a puzzle, all the glazing beads are adapted to one another. Some producers of frames produce 'click frames', which enable you to create additional space for the insulation glass in the existing window frames. 

Aluminum frames

Special glazing beads are available for certain aluminum windows frames in order to place insulation glass in an existing window frame. An alternative is opting for a different type of glass frame that suits your window or order a custom made click frame from your supplier.

Steel window frames 

The manufacturing of click frames is also an option for steel window frames. Click frames are delivered ready-to-use, and instantly being implemented in the steel window frame. 

What if your window frames are unsuitable

The majority of windows can be, with or without adjustments, used for insulation glass. The costs for the adjustments of your window frame are usually included in the total price of placing the insulation glass. it is advisable to check this with your glazier. 

Placement of insulation glass: Two examples

Small apartment 

You own a small apartment with a glass surface of 15 m2. You would like to get your single glazed windows replaced by HR++ insulation glass. You solely own wooden window frames, which means that nothing has to be adjusted to your window frames. 

The price for placing the insulation glass will be around 1800 euros. Taking the energy saving of 400 euros per annum into consideration, you will break-even in five years.

Big farmhouse 

You are living in a former farmhouse with a glass surface of 45 m2. You would like to upgrade your single glazed windows to HR++. Not all glass plates fit directly into your current wooden windows frames. However, this can be easily solved by purchasing new glazing beads. Due to the size of the project, the glazier offers you to hand you the glazing beads for free.

The price for placing the insulation glass will be around 5.400 euros. You save 900 euros a year on utilities, meaning you will break-even in six years. 

What are the benefits of insulation glass?

  • Insulation glass provides insulation: Less heath is lost, which enables you to save on utilities
  • Less condensation: When there is a big difference between the outside and inside temperature, insulation glass will prevent condensation
  • Improved energy label: Due to the reduction in utility costs, the value of your residence increases.
  • Reduced noise pollution: Next to insulation, this type of glass refrains noise pollution.
  • Reflective: Various types of insulation glass have the ability to reflect sunlight, which enables your house to remain cool when outer temperatures are high. 

Tips to save money

Dividing the project 

If you perceive the total price of insulation glass to be rather high, it might be an option for you to have only a part of the glass replaced. By doing this you are able to spread out the costs throughout the year. 

Compare multiple offers

MyGo helps you to apply for and compare multiple offers. This allows you to select the most suitable tradesman for the job.

Low VAT-tariff placing insulation glass

There is a possibility to receive a discount on the placement of insulation glass. You are eligible to have them installed with a VAT-tariff of 9%, which reduces the labor costs.

Measurement of glass

If you do not feel like measuring your own windows, it is recommended to outsource this to a professional. This is usually free when it concerns a large project.

What to take into consideration?

  • Are the costs including VAT? In some cases, the VAT, the removal-fee and the utility-fee are not included in the costs of placement. Therefore, it advisable to asks this to your glazier. 
  • Most favorable season to replace your windows. Spring is considered to be the most suitable season to replace your windows. It is not as warm as in the summer, and in the fall and winter, you will require more heating in your house.

Find the ideal professional

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