MyGo Matchmaker: matches you with the right specialists in your area.

How does MyGo work?

1. Tell the Matchmaker what you are looking for 

2. Choose what you want

  • Immediately make an appointment with a specialist
  • Contact a specialist via phone
  • Request a quote 
  • Request a call back from a specialist 
  • Email a specialist
3. Select your match

4. Done! 

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Why MyGo?

Finding without looking
Immediately know exactly which specialists suit your wishes
Your choice
Choose what you want, who you want, when you want
instead of difficult, unnecessary searching, and possible frustration
Only qualified specialists


What is MyGo?

MyGo is an entirely Dutch platform that brings together supply and demand based on matching.


The MyGo Matchmaker can immediately tell you which professionals near you are specialised and available, for jobs or services that you’re looking for. This is possible because of the unique database of MyGo. Our database knows exactly which professionals are available in which area throughout the entire Netherlands for specialised jobs and services.


For example specialists for jobs and projects in and around your house, legal counselors, or financial counselors. Below you’ll find all the services for which MyGo can match you with suitable professionals. This will increasingly include more disciplines.


Is MyGo for individuals or companies?

MyGo is for individuals as well as companies.


Benefits of the MyGo Matchmaker

  • Immediately find, instead of searching. That saves you time, and possible frustrations, and in an emergency, this helps to prevent unnecessary damage from getting out of hand.
  • No longer is it possible that the professional found by you will not be able to do the job. Because MyGo only matches you with professionals who are specialised in the specific job you need.
  • You can use the MyGo Matchmaker both online and via phone. And if you call, you talk to actual people on the phone. Both are free and without obligations.
  • You can use MyGo for various services.
  1. Directly schedule an appointment with a professional
  2. Request quotes, to get a better picture of the costs
  3. Call with a professional to talk about the specifics of your situation
  4. Request a call back at a later time from a professional
  5. Email the professionals of your choice.
  • Reliability and security. MyGo only works with qualified specialists. This is guaranteed a strict quality management.


How does the MyGo Matchmaker work?

Very simple!

  • Online: door een paar simpele stappen in de Matchmaker te doorlopen, vind je binnen één minuut wat je zoekt.
  • Telefonisch: bel met 085 106 1600 en onze klantenservice medewerkers doen de rest.  

The disciplines of MyGo

MyGo likes to help you with almost all the jobs and projects in and around the house, for legal services, financial services, and soon a lot more categories. Below you’ll find an overview of the disciplines of MyGo.



Bathroom remodel


Wallpaper hanger


Central Heating


Sustainable living





Kitchen mechanic

Leak detection



Mechanical ventilation

Pest control


Toilet remodel









Underfloor heating